e-commerce enterprises

E-commerce enterprises

  • Add a human touch to your customer relationship
  • Personnalize your online help
  • Increase confidence with your brand

To reduce shopping cart dropping and increase visitors conversion rate

Online service providersOnline service providers

  • Propose the expertise that best matches your user's environment
  • Speed-up problem resolutions
  • Adapt the support level to your user's competences

To increase user's loyalty and reduce support costs

Software editor

Software editors

  • Include within your software a real-time functionnal support access
  • Increase your software usage with an embedded social-support feature
  • Provide an After Sales Service to your formal training

To reduce support costs and increase software adoption

IT solution integratorIT solution integrators

  • Ensure faster know-how acquisition on your integrated solutions
  • Assist change management with an embedded real-time social-support platform
  • Reduce your functionnal support by empowering Key users

To increase your value proposition and to reduce your support cost

large distributed company

Large distributed company, internally

  • Organize service communities around useful internal know-how
  • Allow everyone to access instantaneously those collective know-how communities
  • Improve know-how transfer between collegues
  • Replace email by rich real-time conversation

To inscrease formal training ROI, to share internally & efficiently the internal know-how and to increase individual productivity